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OUR SCHOOL LIFE St Bakhita School


At St Bakhita we have a variety of annual events. The events form an excellent platform where parents show up and give unwavering moral support to their children as they watch them perform different activities. This is very salient as learners appreciate the role of parents in their academic life both in and out of class.

The events include:
Sports day, Cultural day, Music concerts, Christmas concert, Easter celebrations, Swimming gala Talent day and Kindergarten graduation.


St Bakhita appreciates the role parents/ guardians play in the upbringing of a child. We endeavor to empower our parents to better their parenting roles. These is cultivated through our forums such as: Academic clinics (open day)

Parents’ workshops on different areas ranging from:
- Curriculum workshop
- Parenting workshop
- Nannies workshop
- Motivational workshop
- Child care workshop


Our nursing department provides a good health monitor for children. Young children encounter various health challenges as their immunity develops. This calls for frequent monitoring and this is where the residential nurse comes in handy. Parents receive real time update on the health progress of their learners from this desk.


It is our goal to ensure the learners are not only served with delicious meals but also healthy ones. In pursuit for the same, St Bakhita School offers a nutritive menu prepared by MOM360 SUPPORT DIETICIAN FOR INFANT AND YOUNG CHILD.