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OUR Curriculum St Bakhita School

St Bakhita School offers the new Competency-Based Curriculum ( ) which is a paradigm shift from the former 8.4.4 system. The system provides for 2 years in Pre Primary level, 3 years in Lower Primary level, 3 years of Junior Secondary, 3 years of Senior Secondary and 3 years of Tertiary Education and Training.

It lays emphasis on seven Fundamental Competencies that a learner should gradually acquire during the learning process in all the Learning areas.

These competencies are; Communication and Collaboration, Critical thinking and problem solving, Creativity and imagination, Citizenship, Digital literacy, learning to learn and Self-Efficacy.

This curriculum is geared towards developing an engaged, empowered and ethical citizen. The School in line with this new curriculum offers the following Learning Areas; Mathematical activities, English Activities, Literacy Activities, Kiswahili Activities, Environmental activities, Hygiene and Nutritional Activities, Religious Education and Life Skills and Movement and Creative Activities.

St Bakhita School has endeavoured to provide the requisite facilities that enhance the mission of the CBC which is, “To nurture the potential of every child.” Our team of teaching staff is fully furnished with pedagogical skills required for thorough implementation of the new curriculum.

Welcome to this new curriculum.