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St Bakhita School was founded in 2003 and is one of the best Schools in Kenya. Our kindergarten has established a reputation for excellence in academia and continues to forge ahead as a leader in early years.
Because of our solid foundation we felt we have opened doors to Junior School in South B and our Sabaki Branch. Currently we are up to Grade 3.

To be an unrivalled leader in early learning.

To provide a holistic approach to Education while nurturing children capacity to think skilfully and critically. Our aim is to empower our staff, respect diversity and commit to prosocial values such as kindness, discipline and personal responsibility.

Tolerance, Integrity, Fairness, Honesty and Responsibility

Our teachers are dedicated and energetic. They are the pioneers in setting the stage for a lifelong love of learning and encourage the development of positive skills that children will master as they grow. Our teachers participate in on-going professionals’ development activities and workshops to stay current with educational trends to adapt to the changing needs of modern children and families.

St Bakhita provides a loving environment for children that emphasises on Christian values and a comprehensive full day kindergarten Curriculum. Our Kindergarten Curriculum covers Language Activities, Mathematical Activities, Environmental Activities, Psychomotor and creative Activities (Music, Art and Crafts, Outdoor), Religious Activities and Pastoral Activities.

St Bakhita offers co-curricular Activities such as Skating, Chess, Computer, Swimming and Musical instruments.
As a school we have embraced the new Competency –Based Curriculum where we focus on the learners’ competences as they initiate their own learning through selecting own Activities.

No doubt this is the place where you want your child to be. Welcome all.

Rosina Omoto

C.E.O - St Bakhita School