About Us

St. Bakhita Kindergarten was founded in 2003 and is one of the best kindergartens in Kenya. We are situated in the residential area of South B, next to Highway secondary school.

The kindergarten has established a reputation for excellence in academia and continues to forge ahead as a leader in early years education. St. Bakhita is proud to provide a unique educational setting designed to challenge children while nurturing them. We allow each child to be an important part of the school.

St. Bakhita’s intimate environment coupled with an incredible range of resources and programs helps define the school. We are what early years education should be!


Our mission is to provide an optimal, safe learning environment that encourages children to become independent, responsible, life-long learners while thoroughly preparing them to pursue primary education.

Through our comprehensive range of programs, we cultivate our students' interests and support their needs while challenging their intellect.

St. Bakhita maintains a collaborative and cohesive partnership between the home, school, and community. This in turn promotes high standards of values, integrity, and service which prepares our children to be productive members of society.


St. Bakhita is firmly committed to recruiting the most qualified professionals available as members of staff. An interested, enthusiastic, and devoted staff is an integral part of providing the finest education possible. The teachers are our most important resource. As dedicated and talented professionals, they strive to bring out the best in each child.


The Syllabus Orientation at the beginning of each academic year, is an important event. The teachers explain to parents about life at the Kindergarten during the year.

Detailed Written Reports are sent out at the end of each academic term.

Individual Parents' Meetings are held in the end of each term giving parents the opportunity to discuss their child's progress with teachers.

A Kindergarten Diary is passed between the teacher and parent every day to ensure daily communication.

The Kindergarten Newsletter is sent out regularly and keeps parents up to date with school events and life at the kindergarten week by week.